21st November to 2nd December 2022

The Midlands Decision Support Network in association with The Strategy Unit hosted INSIGHT 2022 our annual festival of learning and sharing events for the NHS, local government and other partners across health and care.

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INSIGHT 2022 – Thank you for coming!

A huge thank you to all who came to INSIGHT 2022 our annual festival of learning and sharing events for the NHS, local government and other partners across health and care.  We are overwhelmed with the level of interest and enthusiasm – helping to grow this community of people who care about analytics, about evidence and about quality decision making.

There were 5,500 registrations for what was a fascinating line up of events – expert speakers from health and care and beyond – all with a passion for high quality decision making and ‘the science and craft of decision making’.

We hope you enjoyed the festival and if you missed any events, most recording are now available – the links in the table below.

We had some wonderful feedback!  And we would be hugely grateful if you could complete this short survey about your experience of INSIGHT 2022.  We strive to make INSIGHT better and better each year – and it’s all for you so please help us!

‘Thank you so much for an amazing session and for leading such an important and perhaps landmark study’ (Losing Women NEW REPORT – menopause and the NHS workforce)

‘Thank you this session was brilliant and inspiring’ (Discussion with Professor Bola Owolabi on health inequalities)

‘Thank you for this. As others have said, very inspiring! Worked in Public Health related roles for 15+yrs and to hear people at exec level talking about health inequalities in a way I’ve not experienced before – gives me a lot of hope.’ (Discussion with Professor Bola Owolabi on health inequalities)

‘This has been superb, thank you’ (Smarter decision making for your population)

Quick access Programme

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Event name and speakers

21st November (10:00-11:30)

Day 1, ICSs working together to be intelligence-led organisations: lessons from history  

Speakers: Nigel Edwards, Sue Ibbotson, Pete Jackson, Ali Loftus-Hills. Hosted by Simon Bourne 

22nd November  (11:00-12:00)

Day 2, Understanding the links between delayed discharges and hospital congestion 

Speaker: Eric Wolstenholme. Hosted by Stacey Croft 

22nd November (14:00-15:00) 

Day 2, How the science of systems thinking can support the craft of wise decision making – A GP practice case study 

Speaker: Dennis Sherwood. Hosted by Stacey Croft 

22nd November (16:00-17:30) 

Day 2, Lessons for the NHS from high-stakes decision making 

Speakers: Dr Julian Huppert, Dr Gemma Bowsher, Dr Jonny Hynes, Dr Chris Adcock and Karen Daber DL 

23rd November (10:30-12:00) 

Day 3, Decision-making in the 21st century NHS – how does it really work? 

Speakers: Sir David Nicholson and Alistair McLellan 

23rd November (14:00-15:30) 

Day 3, Population Health Management: how systems work together 

Speakers: Andi Orlowski and Sally Markwell 

24th November (10:00-11:00) 

Day 4, Smarter decision-making for your population 

Speakers: Jason Pickles, David Sgorbati, Abraham George, Wes Baker. Hosted by Andi Orlowski 

24th November (14:00-15:00) 

Day 4, The future of healthcare analytics. What do analysts need to be able to advance and what do they need like a hole in the head? 

Speakers: Sarah Scobie, Charles Tallack and Steven Wyatt. Hosted by Peter Spilsbury 

25th November (10:00-11:00) 

Day 5, The big decisions that have affected data and analytics 

Speakers: Nick Carding and Andi Orlowski 

25th November (15:30-16:30) 

Day 5, If we are to reduce health inequalities, what decisions are needed and how should they be made?  

Speaker: Dr Bola Owolabi. Hosted by Abeda Mulla 

28th November (10:00-11:30) 

Day 6, Losing Women NEW REPORT – menopause and the NHS workforce 

Speakers: Karen Bradley, Abeda Mulla, Justine Wiltshire, Lisa Cummins, Jacqui McBurnie and Liz Miller 

28th November (14:00-15:00) 

Day 6, How do you know if you’ve made an ethical decision? 

Speaker: Professor Angie Hobbs. Hosted by Fraser Battye 

29th November (10:30-11:30) 

Day 7, The new health and care system – what does better decision-making look like? 

Speakers: Amanda Sullivan, Toby Sanders and Shane Devlin. Hosted by Simon Bourne 

29th November (14:00-15:45) 

Day 7, Smarter decision making for your ICS 

Speakers: Richard Mendelsohn, Jack Ettinger and Lesley Terry. Hosted by Andi Orlowski and Wayne Smith 

30th November (10:00-11:00) 

Day 8, How can you be Evidently better when making decisions? 

Speakers: Ben Marshall and Mike Lawrie 

30th November (14:00-15:00) 

Day 8, Insights from decision-making practice 

Speaker: Sarah-Jane Marsh. Hosted by Karen Bradley 

1st December (14:00-15:00) 

Day 9, Sir David Dalton: How do you get the desired results from your decision-making? 

Speaker: Sir David Dalton. Hosted by Mahmoda Begum 

Introduction to Insight 2022

Introduced by Simon Bourne, Programme Director for the Midlands Decision Support Network

Speakers included:


If you have any questions regarding the festival, please contact Rachel Caswell or Kimberley Messam