Intelligence Function Design

In this section, we include guidance and standards to support local systems across the Midlands Decision Support Network to develop their own local Intelligence Functions. The guides are developed to support system leaders to improve the quality of decisions made, and in doing so provide some tools and techniques for decision makers to use.

There is no simple blueprint for an Integrated Care System (ICS) Intelligence Function (IF). NHSE/I have now released guidance to clarify the ‘ask’, which is supported by a design and implementation toolkit produced by the Strategy Unit.

A set of ‘design principles’ have been produced to facilitate local discussions around preferred approaches to IF design, available below.

The MDSN have also hosted a series of webinars with systems across the country who have made significant strides in their own IF design and implementation. The recordings from these webinars are available below and are a great resource that can be tailored to other system contexts.




Support for your system

ICS Intelligence Function Design Principles

These design principles have been developed to help guide local-decision making when forming a local Intelligence Function

IF Design Principles
IF Webinars
IF Webinars