Blog: Insight 2022 – Smarter decision making for your population

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NHS England has identified Population Health Management (PHM) as a core strategic aim for Integrated Care Systems, but what does this look like in practice? With complex systems, finite resources and multiple organisations delivering care and interventions, how should decisions be made, and who should be making them? 

Head of Systems & Solutions Development at NHS England Jason Pickles joins Chief Analyst David Sgorbati and Director Andi Orlowski, both of the Health Economics Unit, at INSIGHT 2022 to explore how you can improve your decision making on the critical question of sharing resources to benefit your population.  

Andi said: “Population Health Management has moved from buzzword to a part of everyday planning for ICSs and PCNs but what are the key elements that can help you better decide what is right for your population?  

“In this session I get to question experts in PHM about what they are doing today, and planning for tomorrow, to improve decision making.”