Blog: Insight 2022 – The future of healthcare analytics

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From ‘Data Saves Lives’ to ‘The UK Digital Strategy’, the NHS and the UK government have both clearly recognised the potential value of data and analytics in improving decision making in healthcare.  

But how does that ambition translate to practical implementation? Are analysts getting the support they need and are the policies aligning with the reality? 

Join our panel of analytical leaders at INSIGHT 2022, where they will be sharing their personal prescriptions for what the NHS should do if it is serious about advancing analytically led decision making, and discussing what it shouldn’t. 

Leading the discussion will be Deputy Director of Research at The Nuffield Trust Sarah Scobie​​​​​​​, Director of Data Analytics at The Health Foundation Charles Tallack​​​​​​​ and Head of Policy and Research at the Strategy Unit Steven Wyatt​​​​​​​.