Insight 2022 – Day 7 – The new health and care system – what does better decision-making look like?

29th November 2022, 10:30 – 11:30

Part of INSIGHT 2022

The new health and care system – what does better decision-making look like?

What opportunities and challenges do ICB leaders face in relation to decision-making?

What insights can they draw on when considering their decision-making practice?

What actions can they take individually and collectively to improve decision quality?

Decision-making is a core leadership skill, yet leaders rarely get the chance to focus in depth on the practice of decision-making. Simon Bourne hosted a panel discussion with three ICB chief executives (Amanda Sullivan, Toby Sanders and Shane Devlin) to share their reflections on the current challenges and opportunities they face as decision-makers. They considered experiences from their career to date, explored their plans to improve strategic decision-making in their systems and reflected on the role that the Midlands Decision Support Network is playing in developing their personal practice.

Amanda Sullivan is Chief Executive of Nottingham & Nottinghamshire ICB and is Chair of the Midlands Decision Support Network. She has a clinical background, working as a nurse and midwife before moving into senior management. In 2001 Amanda was awarded a PhD for research investigating decision-making during pregnancy.

Toby Sanders is Chief Executive of Northamptonshire ICB. Toby has extensive experience in a variety of senior management and system leadership roles in Northamptonshire and Leicestershire. Before joining the NHS in 2003, he held a number of roles within local government and management consultancy with a focus on place-based regeneration in economically deprived industrial areas in the North West, South Yorkshire and Wales.

Shane Devlin is Chief Executive of Bristol, North Somerset and South Gloucestershire ICB. Shane began his career with the Northern Ireland Quality Centre before joining the local Health Service in 1998. His prior roles include Chief Executive of the Southern Health and Social Care Trust and Chief Executive of the Northern Ireland Ambulance Service.

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The new health and care system – what does better decision-making look like?