Midlands Knowledge Mobilisation Community of Practice

This community of practice brings together staff with an interest in or responsibility for knowledge and evidence in their system. It provides a space to share information, ideas and resources, as well as seek advice and guidance from one another

We are setting up the knowledge mobilisation and evidence network.  Work is underway to create a who’s who of network members to facilitate knowledge sharing and collaborative working. We are planning training and development activities and would be interested to hear your views on what would be most useful. We are here to support evidence review and knowledge  mobilisation throughout the MDSN and will be engaging in activities which aim to develop:

  • A clear, transparent and explicit knowledge base
  • Capacity to use evidence within the Midlands Decision Support Network
  • Proactive knowledge sharing
  • Awareness of knowledge gaps to inform evaluation/innovation
  • Sustainable collaborative learning


The next meeting will be held on 29th June 2022 at 3pm to discuss evidence support for population health management and health literacy.

The evidence and knowledge team at the Strategy Unit specialise in rapid analysis of the latest evidence from research and knowledge from practice.

The team are expert searchers, familiar with diverse sources of evidence and knowledge, and experienced at translating evidence to your specific context to inform your decisions.

The lead for evidence and knowledge at the Midlands Decision Support Network is Alison Turner at the Strategy Unit.

Alison has over 25 years’ experience, working in the NHS and academia.