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And so #INSIGHT2022 draws to a close. Thank you to all our incredible speakers, and all of you who came to sessions, asked questions and joined the conversations. It's far from over - you can find all the recordings and more on our site: @Strategy_Unit

Sir David Dalton speaking on the importance of authenticity, trust and kindness in leadership in order to create conditions for successful decision making #INSIGHT2022 @MidlandsDSN

"Expertise is likely to be found deep inside the organisation rather than at the board of executive table." Sir David Dalton explains the importance of deep engagement with staff. #INSIGHT2022

Sir David Dalton shares his reliability culture model which he developed while working in Salford. #INSIGHT2022

Here we go then! The final session of #INSIGHT2022, with the brilliant Sir David Dalton (@HealthFdn) who is talking about making better decisions... and making them stick! Don't forget to tag us in your tweets - we love to hear your thoughts and feedback!

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