Privacy Policy

Information on how we use your personal data.

A number of pages throughout this site invite users to complete forms including their personal details. There is no requirement to fill in these forms in order to view general material on this site. If do you wish to complete a form with your details in order to make contact you should note the following:

  • Information submitted to the Midlands and Lancashire CSU via this web site will be used solely for the purpose for which it is collected, and will not be passed on to other areas of the Trust, nor to any other organisation, without your explicit permission. The purpose for which the information is collected will be made clear.


We have implemented security procedures and technical measures to protect any personal data which is kept by the Midlands and Lancashire CSU from:

  • Unauthorised access
  • Improper use or disclosure
  • Unauthorised modification
  • Unlawful destruction or accidental loss

Midlands and Lancashire CSU employees who have access to personal data are obliged to respect confidentiality; they are bound by confidentiality contract clauses and the duties of common law.

Midlands and Lancashire CSU abide by the Data Protection Act of 1998 in the holding and processing of your personal data. The Head of Information Governance is happy to answer any enquiries.

If you are using a public computer and do not wish others to be able to go back to view the details you have typed into a form on the web it is advisable to clear the contents of the form and your cache (temporary internet files) before leaving the computer.

Some information is collected automatically by the web server and is used by the organisation, in aggregate form, for statistical analysis of visits to the site. If you have concerns or questions about this, you can contact the communications and engagement team.

Further information on Data Protection issues can be found at