Midlands Analyst Network and Huddles

The Midlands Analyst Network was created to provide a space for analysts to share information, ideas and resources, as well as seek advice and guidance from one another.

See below on how to become a member and how to join the fortnightly Huddles

Welcome to the Midlands Analyst Network

If you are an analyst who works in health and care in the Midlands then do join the Midlands Analyst Network!

The Network has over 600 members from a range of health and care and other organisations and with representation from all members of the Midlands Decision Support Network.  Established in April 2020 the Network provides a space for analysts across the Midlands to share information, ideas and resources, as well as seek advice and guidance from one another.

Your Network Lead: Rachel Caswell

Rachel is a Senior Healthcare Analyst in the Strategy Unit who is working to broaden the scope of the Network.  Rachel is also the Operational Lead for the Network’s Training & Development Programme.

Fortnightly Huddles

Rachel hosts a fortnightly online Huddle on MS Teams (see link below).  The Huddles cover a large range of topics and you are very welcome to join one at any time – for quick access to a Huddle, just follow the link below.  You don’t have to be a member of the Midlands Analyst Network to come to a Huddle but if you’d like to be kept up to date with all future Huddles and training opportunities then just contact Rachel and we’ll take it from there.

We try to keep them as informal but as informative as possible and welcome contributions from Network members as well from academia, subject specialists, national and occasionally international presenters.

If you have any queries about the Huddles, how to access them, if you want to find out what’s gone before, or you want to present then please do contact Rachel.

Next Huddle:  11th August 2022 – NHS Nottingham and Nottinghamshire System Analytical Intelligence Portal

Join us for the Next Huddle on 11th August at 11.00 am for a Demonstration of the new system analytical intelligence portal launched in July 2022.

This is a sharepoint based portal available to all system partners within Nottingham and Nottinghamshire.

It includes system information dashboards developed in power BI, PHM deep dive packs, system intelligence reports and a shared resource for analyst workforce development.

We look forward to seeing you!

Recordings of past Huddles are available to view from the links below, including:

  • 28/07/2022: Latest analysis on the associations between some household context factors & emergency hospital use
  • 14/07/2022: Using system dynamics to gain insight into domiciliary care AND the launch of a new system dynamics development programme
  • 30/06/2022: Using System Dynamics simulation to support capacity planning
  • 16/06/2022: A Changing Population – Why Workforce Planning Matters
  • 19/05/2022: Panel Discussion – Does the Goldacre Review make health research and analysis Better, Broader, Safer?

The Midlands Analyst Network Huddles

These are held every fortnight, on a Thursday morning between 11:00 and 12:00.  To join any of the Huddles, just click on the link below and you’ll arrive in the Teams mtg waiting room.

For further info and / or if you would like to join the Network then please contact the Network lead, Rachel Caswell, rachel.caswell@nhs.net

Thanks and hope to see you soon!


Midlands Analysts Network Huddles - Teams Link to the fortnightly Huddles, every other Thursday 11-12

MAN Huddle Recordings

MAN Huddle 28/07/2022
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MAN Huddle 14/07/22
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MAN Huddle 30/06/2022
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MAN Huddle 16/06/2022
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MAN Huddle 19/05/2022
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MAN Huddle 05/05/22
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MAN Huddle 21/04/22
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MAN Huddle 07/04/22
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MAN Huddle 24/03/2022
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MAN Huddle 10/03/2022
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MAN Huddle 24/02/2022
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MAN Huddle 10/02/2022
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MAN Huddle 27/01/2022
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MAN Huddle 13/01/2022
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