Insight 2022 – Day 4 – The future of healthcare analytics

24th November 2022, 14:00 – 15:00

Part of INSIGHT 2022

The future of healthcare analytics. What do analysts need to be able to advance and what do they need like a hole in the head?

A discussion between Sarah Scobie​​​​​​​ (Deputy Director of Research, The Nuffield Trust), Charles Tallack​​​​​​​, (Director of Data Analytics, The Health Foundation) and Steven Wyatt​​​​​​​ (Head of Policy and Research, Strategy Unit and Chief Analyst for the Midlands Decision Support Network)

Advancing the use and quality of analysis in NHS decision making is a widely shared goal. Yet when analysts discuss this, the conversation can be quite different to when policy makers or managers do. Policy makers and managers are sometimes dazzled by the promises of Big Data, AI and national standardisation of tools. Analysts tend to have a more nuanced view. They see AI as another tool in the kitbag, don’t see the size of data as what matters most and believe that the best analysis is often bespoke and focused on well crafted questions. This is potentially a problem if the big decisions that will drive the future of NHS analytics don’t have analysts in the room.

So we invited three analytical leaders renowned for their analytical skills and understanding, their independence of thought and their ability to span effectively across analysis and decision making. We asked them to share their personal prescriptions for what the NHS should do if it is serious about advancing analytically led decision making and, crucially, what it shouldn’t.

This session aims to provoke, challenge and stimulate and will be essential listening for anyone involved in trying to advance the analytically-led decision-making competence of the NHS.

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The future of healthcare analytics