Blog: Insight 2022 – Lessons for the NHS from high-stakes decision making

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NHS leaders and workers face high-pressure scenarios on a regular basis, as nearly every decision they make will affect patient’s lives in some way. So what could we learn from how decisions are made outside healthcare?  

In this INSIGHTS 2022 panel, curated by the Intellectual Forum at Jesus College, Cambridge, healthcare experts who have worked in other high pressure areas, including the police, military and conflict zones, will share how their experiences inform their decision making today and the lessons they have learned.  

Panel members include: 

  • Co-Lead for Health Intelligence and Biosecurity, Conflict and Health Research Group at King’s College London Dr Gemma Bowsher 
  • Occupational and Aviation Medicine Doc in the Royal Air Force Dr Jonny Hynes 
  • Consultant in Acute Medicine at Cambridge University Hospitals Foundation Trust, and former Wing Commander in the Royal Air Force Dr Chris Adcock 
  • Non-executive Director at the Cambridgeshire and Peterborough NHS Foundation Trust, and former Chief Officer in the Police Karen Daber Deputy Lieutenant