Insight 2022 – Day 4 – Smarter decision-making for your population

24th November 2022, 10:00 – 11:00

Part of INSIGHT 2022

Smarter decision-making for your population

Population Health Management (PHM) continues to be the hot topic on how to best make decisions regarding resourcing and planning interventions for your populations health. Be it segmentation, risk stratification or ‘impactibility’ having a better understanding of the approaches used and why, when is it appropriate to use them and where can you find support for you and your system is key for all involved.

In this session we heard from speakers talking about different approaches, where you can find resources to help you and hear real life case studies.

Panel members:

Jason Pickles​​​​​​​, Head of Systems & Solutions Development, NHS England

David Sgorbati, Chief Analyst at the Health Economics Unit

Abraham George, Consultant in Public Health Lead for Intelligence, Research & Development, Kent County Council

Victoria Cornelius, Senior Lead for Analytics Engagement, NHS England

Wes Baker, Director of Strategic Analytics, Economics and Population Health Management, Mersey Care NHS Foundation Trust

Facilitated by Andi Orlowski, Director of the Health Economics Unit


Wes Baker shared the video below around System P, which is a whole system approach to addressing multiagency, multisector challenges that negatively impact population health and will deliver transformational change in service provision through collaborative working. System P film

Jason Pickles shared the links to Population and Person Insight (PaPI dashboard) Note, if users don’t already have OKTA accounts they will need to register, but once registered this should be open to all.  The dashboard will be undergoing layers of iteration from December ’22 through to March ’23.

He also shared the Population and Person Insight Future NHS collaboration pages  Note, the site will be relaunched in December ’22.


If you have any questions regarding the festival, please contact Rachel Caswell

Smarter decision-making for your population