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The Knowledge Library is a collection of evidence and analysis produced by members of the Midlands Decision Support Network, to encourage knowledge sharing and avoid unnecessary duplication. Browse areas of interest using the pre-set filters or search for a word or phrase using the search facility in the panel down the left-hand side.

Join our MAN Huddle today at 11 am (26/01/23)
In this session @statshan Hannah Thomas (ONS) will talk about how we can publish more accessible data visualisations online.

How did the pandemic affect access to care? Our in-depth report is the first of its kind to analyse the impact on care access for all health diagnoses and identify focus areas for reducing health inequalities. Read the full report here:

In awe of @andrzeio's energy on MSTeams. You can tell it's going to be a good session.
Introduction to pop health management @MidlandsDSN @Strategy_Unit

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