Introduction to Quarto

27th February - 28th February
2 half days

2 half days (9.30 am -1.00 pm)

Dates available:  Feb 2024
Registration closed

Introduction to Quarto

Summary of the course

Quarto was released in 2022 as the next generation for RMarkdown for everyone as it can be used equally by R users as well as Python which renders plain text formats (quarto .qmd, RMarkdown .rmd, markdown .md) or mixed formats (.ipynb/Jupyter notebook) into static PDF/Word/HTML reports, books, websites, presentations and more.

The course will be run over two half days and is aimed at analysts who are familiar with R and RStudio, perhaps having completed the Introduction to R and RStudio training through the NHS-R Community. The format of the course follows the outline that was originally created for RMarkdown and can be used as a reference to work between the two reporting tools.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Understand the benefits and uses of Quarto through the Terminal and the package {quarto}

Detailed Programme

Session 1

  • Getting set up
  • What’s inside?
  • Text
  • Images
  • Code chunks

Session 2

  • Inline code
  • Tabs
  • Output Formats
  • Parameters
  • Command Line
  • Loop reports
  • Extras


The material is pitched at analysts with at least beginner level of R.


Your training will be led by:

Zoë Turner, Senior Data Scientist, The Strategy Unit.

Data Analysts, and anyone interested in learning about Quarto, in Integrated Care Systems in the Midlands

This course is free and available to all those working in the Midlands Public Health and Care sector  e.g. NHS, Public Health, Local Authority, ICBs etc

Duration and start date

2 half days (9.30 am -1.00 pm)

Dates: February 2024

2 half days (9.30 am -1.00 pm)

  • 27/02/24
  • 28/02/24


Registration now closed

For more information about this course, please contact the Training & Development Operational Lead, Rachel Caswell (