Data visualisation

22nd June - 22nd June
One day workshop


  • 22/06/23
  • 20/09/23

Data visualisation

The aim of this workshop is to share and discuss the key principles of effective data visualisation and to inspire you to tell better stories with your data. Creating effective data visualisations is no longer a task for highly technical specialists and design professionals. In the modern workplace, we are all responsible for the data that we produce and learning how to effectively communicate with this data can be an invaluable asset.

Learning the fundamental principles behind good data visualisation can:

  • Simplify
  • Engage
  • Influence

Feedback from our recent training:
“Your Data Viz session today was superb, and backed up by lots of valuable theory and practice. I really liked the term ‘computationally kind’.”


Taster session: See Dan’s taster session when he came to a Midlands Analyst Network Huddle to tell us more about this training (Dan starts 6 mins in)


Your trainer: Dan Isaac

Audience and pre-requisites
Audience: Anyone who works in an Integrated Care System in the Midlands and who works with data as part of their role

1 full day


Dates available:

  • 22/06/23
  • 20/09/23

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For more information about this course, please contact:

Training & Development Operational Lead, Rachel Caswell