INSIGHT 2021: A new resource to support analysis of outpatient services

Andrew Jones Healthcare Analyst for the Strategy Unit The Strategy Unit
A picture of Steven Wyatt
Steven Wyatt Chief Analyst for MDSN and Head of Strategic Analytics for the Strategy Unit The Strategy Unit

Insight 2021 meets the Midlands Analyst Huddle with a special edition

In this session, Andrew Jones presented a new classification system designed to enrich analyses of outpatient activity. The tool labels attendances according to their function, for example diagnostic procedure and pre-operative assessment, and has been created to support both service redesign initiatives and routine queries.  Andrew gave a brief overview of the methods involved in the development of the tool and illustrated the types of questions one might use it to explore. Details of this can be found in the Related Archive section on this page.

Andrew has investigated the prevalence of life-limiting diseases in children, modelled hospital admissions from care homes, and produced analyses for urgent care services in Birmingham. Before joining the Strategy Unit, Andrew worked as an Associate Physics Tutor at the University of Sussex, and gained additional experience at the Sussex Innovation Centre.

Steven’s key interest lies in selecting and applying analytical methods to address real-world problems. Drawing on an extensive array of analytical techniques and a detailed understanding of UK health and care systems, Steven is able to recognise, assess and deconstruct the difficulties facing health systems, propose suitable analytical solutions and mobilise a team of analysts to deliver them.

A new resource to support analysis of outpatient services: Classifying activity by function

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