Insight to Action

Insight to Action: A practical guide on using data and evidence to improve outcomes

The Insight to Action guide provides an introduction to using data and evidence to support changes in health and social care.

We have written this guide for people who have an interest in using data and evidence in decision making but are unsure where to begin. In the introduction we make the case for a deliberative Insight to Action approach. We then go on to outline the conditions that will help you to embed data and evidence into your decision-making processes. Before finally providing you with some guidance on how to use different types of insight at different stages of the change process.

It begins with an introduction and the challenge faced, followed by sections on:

  • how do we enable evidence informed decision making?
  • when to use which insights?
  • where can I get help and support?

The guide will be further developed over time.

Comments and further information

For any comments, to find out about how the MDSN can support data and evidence in the Midlands, or how the Strategy Unit can work with organisations outside the region

Contact our Evidence Lead Alison Turner