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The training and events programme has been designed to support the development of staff in intelligence functions in the Midlands, alongside a wider cohort of analysts and decision-makers working in health and care organisations in each system.

Training and events are delivered through structured development programmes, short courses and a series of events – including INSIGHT, our annual festival of learning and sharing – see the INSIGHT 2022 Programme of events here! (and see last year’s recordings here).  The training programme is grouped into four key themes:

  • Improving decision-making practice – providing system leaders with practical tools & techniques for making better, more analytically-informed decisions
  • Strengthening analytical capability – building technical skills to undertake high-quality strategic analysis
  • Developing analytical leaders – fostering the skills analysts need to work more closely and effectively with decision-makers
  • Moving beyond the numbers – ensuring decisions are informed by findings from a range of disciplines

We also share information on a range of topics in the fortnightly Midlands Analyst Network Huddlesclick here to request to join the Midlands Analyst Network – we welcome new members!  And see the other communities of practice (CoP) for details of how to get involved with the Knowledge Mobilisation and Evaluation CoPs.

See the 22/23 Prospectus:  Training & Development Prospectus 22-23

And the 22/23 Prospectus summary

The following training sessions are taking place in November and December and are available to book now:

Name of course Next course start date Format Link to webpage / registration
Midlands Analyst Network Huddle 17/11/2022 1 hour online Click to register
Economics for non-economists – 1-day workshop 14/11/2022 1 day F2F Click to register
PHM Module 11:  Closing the PHM cycle: An introduction to Evaluation 15/11/2022 3 hours online Click to register
Health Economics Module 4: Decision Modelling for Health Economic Evaluation -an introduction to decision models used by health economists 17/11/2022 2 hours online Click to register
Health Economics Module 5: Inequality in Health and Health Care – different types of inequality and how to address it. 24/11/2022 2 hours online Click to register
Data visualisation 24/11/2022 1 day online Click to register
Decision Quality for Leaders – 2-day course 05/12/2022 2 day F2F Click to register
Introduction to Machine Learning 05/12/2022 5 days online Click to register
Leadership Development for Analysts – (Cohort 1 – online) 06/12/2022 4 days online Click to register

For more information, please contact: Programme Manager: Rachel Caswell or Programme Lead: Professor Mohammed A Mohammed


The tiles below have further details of the courses in the Prospectus, including links to application forms.  Use the search function to find the course you are interested in.

And so #INSIGHT2022 draws to a close. Thank you to all our incredible speakers, and all of you who came to sessions, asked questions and joined the conversations. It's far from over - you can find all the recordings and more on our site: @Strategy_Unit

Sir David Dalton speaking on the importance of authenticity, trust and kindness in leadership in order to create conditions for successful decision making #INSIGHT2022 @MidlandsDSN

"Expertise is likely to be found deep inside the organisation rather than at the board of executive table." Sir David Dalton explains the importance of deep engagement with staff. #INSIGHT2022

Sir David Dalton shares his reliability culture model which he developed while working in Salford. #INSIGHT2022

Here we go then! The final session of #INSIGHT2022, with the brilliant Sir David Dalton (@HealthFdn) who is talking about making better decisions... and making them stick! Don't forget to tag us in your tweets - we love to hear your thoughts and feedback!

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Understanding and reporting Hospital Mortality Statistics

Half day online course. Dates available: 17/01/23

Decision Quality for Leaders – 2-day course

Two day course: 5/12/22 and 12/12/22; 7/02/23 and 14/02/23

Time-series forecasting and decision-making

Three day online course: Dates to follow (likely to be 2023/24)

Systems Thinking

Half day course

Introduction to R Shiny

One day course