Introduction to R Shiny


Introduction to R Shiny

This course is suitable for people who have at least an introductory level of knowledge with R, and teaches the basics of Shiny, all the way from a very simple application to using the features of Shiny like reactive expressions and dynamic user interface to produce easy to use and powerful dashboards.

Key learning outcomes:

  • Basics of Shiny and application setup
  • Learning how to control reactivity to write responsive maintainable applications
  • Using dynamic user interfaces to make your application legible and easy to use
  • Error handling in Shiny applications
  • Layout functions to build a flexible application interface

Your trainers:

Chris Beeley – Senior Data Scientist at Nottinghamshire Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust

Zoe Turner – Senior Information Analyst at Nottinghamshire Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust

Audience and pre-requisites
Audience: Analysts in Integrated Care Systems in the Midlands 
With experience of ‘R’

Number of places per ICS
2 spaces available per ICS

Duration and start date
1 full day online


For more information about this course content, please contact:

Training & Development Operational Lead, Rachel Caswell