Introduction to Git and GitHub

21st November - 22nd November
2 half days

2 half days (9.30 am -1.00 pm)

Dates available in Nov 2023 and Feb 2024

Introduction to Git and GitHub

Summary of the course

As recommended in the Better, Broader, Safer review NHSA 15. Embrace RAP and modern, open working methods version control and GitHub are recommended for intermediate and advanced analyst training. This course is an introduction to Git and using GitHub using RStudio as an IDE (integrated development environment) using the built in tools within RStudio and also with the packages {gert} and {usethis}.

This course will be run over two half days and is aimed at analysts who are familiar with RStudio and R, perhaps having completed the introduction to R and RStudio training through the MDSN or NHS-R Community.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Introducing Git and GitHub including getting set up
  • Exploring the tools built within RStudio IDE (integrated development environment) related to Git
  • Using the R Console to perform Git workflow tasks

Detailed Programme

Session 1

  • What is Git and GitHub and why these are important to data analysis
  • Setting up for Git and GitHub
  • Explaining Git terminology
  • Take existing R project to GitHub
  • First workflow:
    • start a new project (naming branches)
    • taking snapshots (creating commits)
    • making it public on GitHub (pushing)
  • Second workflow:
    • finding a branch to continue working from
    • Pausing work for later
  • Open pull requests to the main branch

Session 2

  • Repeat first workflow and create a merge conflict!
  • How to resolve a merge conflict


Some previous knowledge of R and familiarity with RStudio is expected.


Your training will be led by:

Zoë Turner, Senior Data Scientist, The Strategy Unit.

Data Analysts, and anyone interested in learning about Git and GitHub, in Integrated Care Systems in the Midlands

This course is free and available to all those working in the Midlands Public Health and Care sector  e.g. NHS, Public Health, Local Authority, ICBs etc

Duration and start date

2 half days (9.30 am -1.00 pm)


November 2023

2 half days (9.30 am -1.00 pm)

  • 21/11/23
  • 22/11/23

February 2024

2 half days (9.30 am -1.00 pm)

  • 20/02/24
  • 21/02/24


Registration: Please register for the November 23 and February 24 sessions below.

For more information about this course, please contact the Training & Development Operational Lead, Rachel Caswell (