Communication and engagement ‘Arguing with numbers’

Communication and engagement ‘Arguing with numbers’

Decisions are best made when we use data to inform them. We need to be able to present data effectively. Which means we need to be good at preparing reports and good at speaking at meetings so that we can introduce and explain the data to everyone there.

These skills – the ability to present numbers on paper and in person – are in short supply. There’s more to presenting data than just presenting.

Arguing with Numbers’  is a one-day course that teaches these skills.

Your trainer:

Neil Pettinger (Kurtosis)

Audience and pre-requisites
Audience: Analysts in Integrated Care Systems in the Midlands 
No pre-requisites

Number of places per ICS
2 spaces available per ICS

Duration and start date
1 full day on 16/11/21


Online application opens: 28/09/21

For more information about this course, please contact:

Training & Development Operational Lead, Rachel Caswell