Insight to Action – Get Involved

An opportunity to influence the outputs from this years analytical projects

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What is our Insight to Action work trying to achieve?

Alongside our regional analytical projects we have a team of people working on insight to action. We have two main aims:

  1. to ensure that our analytical work remains relevant and useful, making it easier for insights to be shared and adopted locally.
  2. supporting local systems to act upon the insights from our analytical work, through upskilling teams in the use of insights and designing interventions.


Why do we need your help?

One of the ways that we are keen to facilitate the above is through engaging with local systems at an earlier point in our analytical project cycle. Identifying key stakeholders who will be able to help us refine the findings and recommendations, but then also act as a local champion for the work identifying potential routes for action.


At the moment we are seeking people who would be willing to join focus group(s) in February and early March. Specifically:

  • For the ‘Strategies to reduce health inequalities in planned hospital care’ project we are seeking health inequalities leads and planned care leads to help us refine our findings.
  • For the ‘How is the growth in diagnostic testing affecting NHS practice?’ project we are seeking those working in diagnostics, or other clinicians (referrers), who can help us think through why we might be seeing this increase in activity and how we could better utilise our resources to manage this.


Please do share this with people from your area who may be interested, we will be confirming dates shortly

Email Lucy Hawkins