Andras Varady Population Health Management Analytics Developer, NHS Bristol, North Somerset and South Gloucestershire CCG
Richard Wood Head of Modelling and Analytics, NHS Bristol, North Somerset and South Gloucestershire CCG

The video from our Midlands Analyst Network Huddle on PHM ExploreR

NHS Bristol, North Somerset and South Gloucestershire CCG presenting PHM ExploreR which is an open source tool for Population Health Management. The tool looks incredibly useful to anyone who is involved with PHM (not just analysts).

Andras Varady and Rich Wood talked about the project as a whole, and then ran a demo of the tool and its capabilities. They covered the data requirements of the tool, before moving on to the full functionality of the suite, including:

  • Summary graphs and descriptive statistics to provide a high level overview of the population.
  • A series of segmentation methods, including Bridges to Health and data-driven methods such as decision trees and clustering methods.
  • Patient-level ‘theoplots’, charting activity utilisation for individuals across multiple healthcare settings.
  • Regression-based risk stratification for analysing and predicting differences in patient activity utilisation and spend.

We had lots of questions during the session and Andras and Rich answered most of them but if you’d like more information then they are happy for you to get in touch. We have included the GitHub details so you can access the ExploreR tool yourselves:

GitHub link: PHM ExploreR:

The files that Andras used during the presentation are in the Midlands Analyst Presentation folder.

Contact if you have further questions, or wanted to get in touch.


And we had a comment (well, we had lots of comments!) in the chat during the Huddle from Peter Spilsbury (Strategy Unit) and I did a very poor job at reading it out so here we are:  “It’s great to see people from outside the Midlands on the call—we are open to everyone. But it would help us hugely to know where you are from (e.g. Sarah is in Frimley) and how you came across our network and what you think of it . This will help us in our continued journey with the Midlands Decision Support Network and conversations starting across the country re doing similar in other regions. So please put a note in the chat or drop us a line.” So please do respond, we would love to find out more about you and how we can get even better!

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