Key Contacts

  • Leads
  • Analyst Team
  • Evaluation Lead
  • Knowledge/ Evidence Lead
  • Education/ Training Lead
  • Strategic Lead: John Turner

    Intelligence Function
     Lead: Katy Thomas

    Lead Analyst: Joyce Beier

    Current Local Workplan

    1. Development of our local minimum population health management intelligence offer. Options appraisal, agreement and implementation of Lincolnshire’s local decision support unit.
    2. Future demand for mental health services. Looking at true mental health prevalence and mental health service provision together with Lincolnshire Partnership Foundation Trust and the population health management analyst. Input is being drawn from population health management intelligence and analytical leads group.
    3. Data infrastructure project. Formed a population health management technical working group across the integrated care system to look at what technical knowledge, skills and training can be shared in relation to data architecture, automation and presentation.